Deep Fried Kebbeh

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Ingredients for filling:

3 pounds of top sirloin

2 onions

1 table spoons butter

1 cup of walnuts (you can use also pine nuts)

1 tea spoon all spice

1/2 tea spoon cumin

1/2 tea spoon paprika

1 tea spoon black peppers

Salt to taste

Preparation for filling:

I like to start by rinsing the walnuts really well with warm water, usually I let sit in water for about 5 minutes.

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Drain well

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Chop to a medium size (preferably on a cutting board, not by food processor)

Deep Fried Kebbeh

I like to roast the walnuts with a little of olive oil (it enhance the flavor in it)

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Deep Fried Kebbeh

I like to make my own my own ground sirloin, (also you can buy it ready grind)

Deep Fried Kebbeh

You can control how fine you like you beef to be

Deep Fried Kebbeh

It is better to have a fine grind

Deep Fried Kebbeh

I usually leave it until it form a ball on one side

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Add ½ of the seasoning to it

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Cut-up the onions in large pieces, place in the processor

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Now I like to add the other ½ of the seasonings

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Mix the onions with the meat, cook until well done with a 2 tea spoons of better.

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Add walnuts and mix

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Ingredients for kebbeh:

To make about 50 pieces

3 pounds of top sirloin beef (well trimmed)

1 1/2 pound fine bulgur

3 onions

2 tea spoon all spice

1tea spoon black peppers

1 tea spoon paprika

1/2 cumin

Oil for deep fry


Wash the bulgur and drain, set aside

Start by grinding the meat

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Deep Fried Kebbeh


Mix bulgur with the meat to create kind of dough

Add all the seasoning and the onions, you can cut it in large pieces, it will be fine when it’s in the grinder

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Let it all run once through the grinder

Deep Fried Kebbeh

It comes out all mixed just perfect

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Worke it like a dough

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Fill in a bowl of cold water, Wet your hand for easy handling

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Make a small ball

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Start working it in round motions to create a pocket

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Make it large enough to fit the ground beef that you cooked earlier

Deep Fried Kebbeh

It will take a little practice to make it even

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Fill in the prepared ground beef

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Push down a little with your finger so you can close it

Deep Fried Kebbeh

You can turn it softly in your hands to start closing, (it takes a little practice)

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Dip your hand in water very lightly and shape it

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Now it is all ready to be deep fried

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Pre heat the oil, fry until golden brown

Deep Fried Kebbeh

Serve while it’s warmDeep Fried Kebbeh

Garnish and Enjoy!

Deep Fried Kebbeh

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~ by simplyheavenfood on April 28, 2009.

10 Responses to “Deep Fried Kebbeh”

  1. Afaf, I was going to ask you for this recipe and perfectly executed step-by-step photos and instructions for Christmas. And here it is 8 months early.

    THANK YOU! Merry Syrian Christmas!

    Anyone reading this — you have no idea how good this is until you taste it. As good as it looks, multiply it by 10. Then lick your lips with excitement.

    Yeah, that’s right. Kebbeh is the new meatball.

  2. These detailed photos are AWESOME. I’ve seen you make them in person, and I KNOW how much work they take, but they are so DELICIOUS and worth it.

  3. Came across your blog through TasteSpotting…I can almost taste these kebbeh — they look AMAZING, and I’m drooling all over my laptop. I hope one day I’ll be able to muster up the courage to try this recipe!

  4. Marhaba Afaf
    what a beautiful presentation for preparing the Kibbee
    very nice photos and stuffing. thanks for sharing .
    I was wondering if you received my Walima ‘s invitation???

  5. that looks great! I like the use of walnuts, I need to try it that way as I usually use pinenuts in mine

  6. yum yum yum my fav


  7. […] Check out Afaf’s pictures on making Kebbeh here. If you’d like to try making Kebbeh at home, get the recipe and illustrated directions on Afaf’s web site. […]

  8. Hi , This is very delicious recipe i love to make it soon. But i wanna ask about grinder, where can i find same like yours? thanks..

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