Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer

Beef Fatayer


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~ by simplyheavenfood on April 28, 2009.

9 Responses to “Beef Fatayer”

  1. These are now my favorite dish that you make. Only second to your Kebbeh! I feel so lucky that I get to eat your food. Honestly, I do. xx

  2. Hi Afaf
    Do you have the recipe for Beef Fatayer? How do you make the dough?

    • Hi Kano!
      I used large puff pastry dough,but I worked on it a little to make the dough extra thin, and then cut it in small circles.
      Puff pastry one of my favorite dough to work with, if you deep fry it , it comes out crispy , flaky and it holed it’s texture!!

  3. That is a surprise. It doesn’t look like puff pastry. But to be honest I never tried to deep fry it before.
    I will try it. I want to make “berak” and I want to try different types of dough.

  4. thank s for fantastic and really deleciouse recepie would you please send me the fatayer recepies

  5. I would love the recipe for these! My husband’s grandfather was Syrian and he loves Syrian food. Can I get the recipe for these and the Kusa. Thank you. My husband will be thrilled. I know Syrian food brings back many happy family memories for him

  6. Yes please give us a recipe!!!!! I need to know how to season the meat!

  7. Hi Afaf,
    the fatayers look yummy … and the pictures are really cool.

  8. Your recipes look so yummy!! Any chance you can post a recipe for Lahme Be Ajin? They’re my favourite.

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