Citrus & Herbs Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Rice & Vegetables

Citrus & Herbs Roasted Chicken  Stuffed with Rice & Vegetables


1 whole chicken

1 pound seared ground beef

2 cups Uncle Ben’s Rice

4 cups mixed vegetable (peas & carrots)

4 cups hot water.

3/4 cup toasted almonds (optional)

3 table spoons butter

2 onions

2 lemons

Your favorite herbs I use sage and rosemary

All the seasoning split in half, 1/2  for chicken and 1/2  for rice

2 tea spoon all spice

1 tea spoon of black peppers

1 tea spoon paprika

Salt to your taste



Wash the chicken well and dry

Sliced the lemons in halves and rub it all over the chicken while rubbing squeeze some of its juice out onto the chicken when done leave the lemon skin inside the chicken to be baked with it, then add all the herbs.

Rub the chicken with 1/2  of the seasonings

Cut the onions in halves and place them with the chicken only one half inside the chicken.

Bake until golden brown.


While the chicken is cooking, you can start on cooking the rice.

Start by adding the butter then brown the rice for little time, add the seared ground beef, vegetables and the seasoning, cook for about 5 minutes

Add 4 cups of hot water, cook on low heat and covered pan.


After all well done cooking, now it is just assembling time

Get your large serving platter place the chicken in the center and stuffed with the cooked rice and vegetables.

Add the remaining rice around it,

Add the almonds on top and garnish with the cooked onions and lemons.


Citrus & Herbs Roasted Chicken  Stuffed with Rice & Vegetables

Citrus & Herbs Roasted Chicken  Stuffed with Rice & Vegetables

~ by simplyheavenfood on March 18, 2009.

9 Responses to “Citrus & Herbs Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Rice & Vegetables”

  1. Oh this looks delicious and healthy! You should send this recipe to Janet. x

  2. That chicken looks to die for. Delish!

  3. Thank you Jenn! I really had fun creating it! It was very yummy.

  4. This looks simply amazing! Can I pls have the recipe?

  5. Did you ever post this recipe? I would love this recipe as well as the cucumber/tomato salad I saw on another post. I am going to try your nutty rice for my mother in law for mother’s day!

  6. Would love this recipe! Please post …

  7. Thanks! How long do you cook the chicken?

    • Usually I preheat the oven to 400 and bake for about 1 hour, it could take little more time, it depends on the oven, personally I take it out when I see it golden brown.
      Thank you!!

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